PIPI 360
Map as a Service. Professional 3D space capture
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3D space capture
We help you create 3D/VR experience of your business. Let the world visit your place virtually
Google Street View registration
Connect your virtual place with Google Street View and acquire more traffics from Google Map
MEO proxy
Optimize map and search engine ranking by selecting keywords and other solutions with Google My Business
PIPI Booking(SAAS)
DIY online rental business
Build online booking webiste in 10 minutes
Support mixed rental types to maximize revenues
Cover quality traffic channels
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Crossing sales
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PIPI LANG WeChat mini program
Instant and secure booking
PIPI's official OTA platform. Selected Japanese and Thai B&B hotels with guaranteed quality and preferential prices, especially for WeChat users, making your travel more secure and comfortable!
Scan the QR code with WeChat now
Standard hotel and minpaku check-in system
Legal registration
Self-checkin support
Integrate with PIPI Guest
Integrate with PIPI Console
Work with downstream systems
Integrate with smart locks providers
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PIPI Guest
A guest platform only for PIPI Member
Auto-connect OTA online orders
Live customer services
Online booking
Legal registration
Book pickup service
Order breakfast
PIPI Asian
exclusive listings recommendation
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Central properties and assets management platform
RMS aims to provode one-stop SAAS for mixing long and short term rentals, traffic acquisition and asset operation optimization through centralized properties digital management and trading platforms for OTAs and B&Bs
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PIPI Console
One-stop B&B and Hotel asset management platform
Technical support
Optimized online process
Customer Service with AI
24x7 major languages support
Dynamic pricing
Mixed rental stratagies
Global B&B and hotels
Cover major traffic sources
PIPI My made for hosts
Awareness of assets and profit