Get cheaper and faster solutions for customers. Our team handles English, Chinese, Japanese and other primary languages and will help your business expand your market. We have range of support available from emails, calls and live chat support.

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Voice or Call Support
Our team can support inbound or outbound calls and communicate with your clients 24/7. We use soft phone to receive and make calls simultaneously by using only one phone number.
Chat Support
Resolve and answer clients question on your website within minutes. Our team uses reliable tools available for integration with websites.
Email Support
Respond to your clients email within minutes no matter which timezone they are from.
Live Chat Support
Communicate with your clients real-time and answer pre-sale or after sales questions of your clients needs.
What we offer
24/7 Support
Reliable and Efficient Service
Analysis of your business performance
Flexible pricing package
Our team
PIPI CS has 6 years of experience of customer service in property management, after-sales services and taxi reservations based in Japan.
Our expertise is in handling platforms support for our clients like Airbnb, Booking.com, Agoda, Realestate platforms and even emergency contact center for short-term rentals in Japan. We also have experience in handling taxi reservations for Japan tourist. This year we plan to expand the range of customer support we offer to businesses.
Multichannel Team
One team consists Team Leads, Quality Assurance and Agents who handle multiple clients and different types of support
CategoryListingsService FeeOther Costs
Property Owner1-4JPY 10,000/Month5% total sales
5-9JPY 8,000/Month5% total sales
10-29JPY 6,500/Month5% total sales
30-49JPY 6,000/Month5% total sales
50-99JPY 5,000/Month5% total sales
100+JPY 4,500/Month5% total sales
(Customer Support + Online Concierge)
10-20JPY 30,000/MonthJPY 500/Ticket
21-50JPY 50,000/MonthJPY 500/Ticket
Hospitals or Clinics-JPY 10,000/MonthJPY 500/Ticket
Property Owner
1-4 ListingsJPY 10,000/Month + 5% total sales
5-9 ListingsJPY 8,000/Month + 5% total sales
10-29 ListingsJPY 6,500/Month + 5% total sales
30-49 ListingsJPY 6,000/Month + 5% total sales
50-99 ListingsJPY 5,000/Month + 5% total sales
100+ ListingsJPY 4,500/Month + 5% total sales
(Customer Support + Online Concierge)
10-20 ListingsJPY 30,000/Month
+ JPY 500/Ticket
21-50 ListingsJPY 50,000/Month
+ JPY 500/Ticket
Hospitals or Clinics
JPY 10,000/Month + JPY 500/Ticket
Dedicated Team
Team consists of Team Lead, Quality Assurance and Agents exclusive for your business
Consultation is needed to evaluate the team in terms of members needed and tools needed for the exclusive team
What is customer support?
Customer support is a range of services that aims at providing the customers with assistance and answers when it comes to purchasing and using the product.
Why companies outsource their customer service?
The great benefit of outsourcing customer support is that businesses can focus on the product or services. Hiring and training costs money and time for a business. Outsourcing is the fastest and cheapest way for businesses.
How much does it cost to outsource?
It all depends on the scale of the business we will cover. Rest assured we have a flexible pricing for customer support and we will recommend the best range for your business.