Which locations are your services available in?
All cities of Japan and Bangkok, Thailand.
Are there any conditions on when I can rent out my property?
There are no restrictions. You are free to list your property as available on any day of the month. Additionally, PIPI Hosting will still manage your account as normal during months with zero available days.
What languages do you support?
Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified, Traditional).
Do you provide cleaning services?
Yes. We are partnered with a professional cleaning company and hire them to provide guaranteed high-quality services at competitive rates. You are also completely free to hire companies or individuals you normally work with instead.
Applying for services
Why do I have to change my Airbnb email address?
1. This is so we can have access to your Airbnb settings. 2. After changing the email address, all inquiries from guests will be forwarded to our system for our staff to handle.
Making payments
Do you issue receipts?
We issue an invoice on the 10th of every month, which can be accessed from your PIPI dashboard. We will guide you on navigating the PIPI dashboard once the contract is signed.
How do I make payments?
The vacation rental company will send payments for accommodations to a specified bank account, and we will deduct service charges from the amount received before sending it to you by the last day of the month succeeding the one in which the payment was received.
Am I required to pay anything when no bookings were made?
No. Our service is completely outcome based. You will not be charged any amount on months where no bookings were made.
Services provided by us
Do you cover any other vacation rental websites besides Airbnb?
Can you provide guests with the keys on my behalf?
It depends on your payment plan.
Do you offer to create listings and host profiles on Airbnb for customers?
As long as you provide us with the details in Japanese, we will handle the translation and optimization.
What is automated dynamic pricing?
We implement a system that automatically collects and analyzes data on nearby properties and adjusts rates based on the results. This ensures competitive rates for your properties and maximized revenue.
Will I still be able to use my Airbnb account after the contract has ended?
Yes. You have the access rights to your account so you may log in whenever you wish.
Will my Facebook account get accessed?
No. Rest assured that we do not have any access to your social media accounts.
I don’t have an Airbnb account yet; can I still use PIPI Hosting’s services?
Will my optimized profile be deleted after the contract ends?
No, you can still use your profile. However, we will no longer have access to your account and will be unable to provide SEO and price adjustment services.
Suspend service
Suspend service
To end the contract, please notify us at least one month in advance.
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